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The sophisticated 350 sqm lobby dressed by his delicate marble and magnified by his awesome green area patio will welcome you for a luxury lifestyle.
The full-time concierge offer an inviting welcome home into the extraordinary life that awaits at One Dubnov.
You will reside in the historic heart of Talbiyeh area, in the most prestigious part of Jerusalem.
Two elevators will serve the 12 apartments in each wing, which are intended to be a cocoon of comfort for its inhabitants.



  • Two buildings of 12 apartments each, share a spacious common lobby of approximately 350 SQM.
  • Two elevators per building by KONE (four elevators in total) for a waiting time of no more than 30 seconds.
  • The building's facade is a combination of concrete, sculpted Jerusalem stone in different sizes and other finishes to mark its vertical originality.
  • Exceptional sound insulation between the apartments with 60cm thick floors.
  • All terrace fences are made completely of glass with an invisible structure.
  • Each floor has a different layout and surface, at ONE DUBNOV, each apartment is unique.
  • All apartments are spacious and comfortable, designed with meticulous attention to detail and all have large and spacious terraces (from 29 SQM to 408 SQM) covered with 2 centimeters thick tiles raised on supports or private gardens.
  • 22 of the apartments can accommodate a kosher sukkah.
  • The ceiling height of 2.95 meters is unrivaled in modern constructions.
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Located in Talbiyeh, the project is at the heart of the city’s most prestigious neighborhood.
From Golda Meir to Yitzhak Rabin, many of Israel’s contemporary historical figures have stayed at the "Sherover Villa".
Inspired by this monument, on part of its land, ONE DUBNOV is born. Elegance, Art de Vivre and Part of History.




International businessman and philanthropist, the discreet developper of ONE DUBNOV is one of a kind.
He realizes ONE DUBNOV to reside there. His ultimate interest is therefore your well-being. He strives to put his professional and life experience to make ONE DUBNOV a unique place, where comfort will reach its climax in every detail of daily life. From the size of the parking spaces to the speed of the elevators, he has analyzed everything down to the smallest detail to offer you the comfort of life you dream of in the most beautiful city in the world.

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Headed by Architect Netanel Mayer, Yoma Architects from Jerusalem aspires to create high quality, innovative, creative, sustainable architecture.
Dubnov One’s design and architecture was led by Architect Hodaya Hadas. The biggest design challenge of the project was in creating a new building next to an important piece of modern architecture; Jerusalem's Villa Sherover.
This required a deep understanding of the architectural elements of the villa and conversing with them on a larger scale. The architectural idea was to make villas in the sky, and to create floating floors which are both building and space, interior and exterior. The architects also saw importance in creating a cultural space as part of connecting the project to the neighboring Jerusalem Theatre. Therefore, the design includes a sculpture garden which is also the entrance to the project. We believe that Dubnov One is a design which converses both gently and boldly, with both the people and the city.

"We are the people of connections and joinery, connecting fine details to the whole, bridging the gap between the personal scale and the city. Our work is inherently connected to the understanding that we have a public responsibility regarding the character of the surroundings in which we live." – Yoma Architects

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Image of the project at sunset
Image of the project at sunset
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